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Extracurricular Programs

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In-School Programs

Hotline Safety Demonstration

Hotline Safety Demonstration

SharingChange Scholarship

SharingChange Scholarship

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MTE serves our members with more than just electricity. We're committed to providing information and education to our members and their families in a variety of ways. Our community outreach team works with schools, parents, and students to provide engaging and unique learning experiences. From extracurricular programs like the Washington Youth Tour and the Youth Leadership Summit to in-school presentations on safety and electric generation, MTE provide opportunities to make your life better through education.

Providing fun and engaging educational activities to our members and their students is one of the great benefits MTE offers. We believe in teaching our communities about a variety of topics electricity, renewable energy, and what it means to be part of a democracy. Our extracurricular programs are designed to engage with students through active and creative participation in outside of classroom settings. From the Washington Youth Tour to our 4-H electric projects, we’re committed to providing outstanding experiences in every program we offer.

Curious about what kind of programs we offer? Check out the current list of extracurricular programs available to our members and their students.

Learn about Extracurricular Programs

Educating members and their students is just one of the ways MTE gives back to the communities we serve. Our team has created some fantastic presentations for your classroom that are both engaging for students, informative, and follow Tennessee STEM standards. It's a great way to teach classes the importance of electricity, safety, the impact energy has on the environment, and more.

If you are a teacher or school administrator interested in one of our programs for you or your students' classes, reach out to our community relations coordinator.

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As part of our commitment to safety, MTE has created a hotline safety demonstration trailer. This 45-minute educational demonstration is taught and performed by certified MTE linemen. They show how to avoid the dangers of objects coming in contact with energized lines, improperly connected generators, electrical arc flashes, as well as other hazardous situations like simulated car accidents.

The electrical safety education program is available during local and community events and to our first responders and emergency management personnel. You can also find the demonstration trailer at the Wilson and Williamson County Fairs.

Learn about the Hotline Safety Demonstration

MTEMC's SharingChange program is funding 10 $2,000 scholarships for students in the cooperative's service area.

How to apply
Scholarship applications can be submitted by clicking on the "APPLY" button below.

Interested persons must be an MTE member or dependent of an MTE member. The scholarship funds must be used to attend a Tennessee 2- or 4-year accredited college or trade school. Applicants must be an entering freshmen or currently enrolled undergraduate or graduate student.

How are the participants judged?
Scholarship applicants will be judged on a point system including a financial needs assessment, current grade point average, involvement in community service, leadership roles and their score on the essay. The applicants with the top points will be the winners.

Applicants will complete a 200–300 word essay stating how the scholarship funds will benefit their personal goals. Essays will be judged by a group of volunteer school teachers from the Middle Tennessee Electric Service area.

What is the deadline?
The deadline to submit scholarship essays and applications is March 15. Scholarship winners will be notified in late July.

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