Washington Youth Tour

The trip of a lifetime is an essay away

At MTE, we don’t just serve houses, we serve families. High school juniors are encouraged to write an original paper about rural electric cooperatives with winners awarded an all-expense paid, weeklong trip to our nation's capital and an opportunity to win a scholarship.

Each year, we sponsor a creative writing contest with an unforgettable, expense-paid trip to Washington, D.C., as its prize. This opportunity of a lifetime provides high school juniors the chance to explore our nation’s capital, network with other young leaders, and qualify for additional trips and scholarships.

Who gets to go? High School Juniors

When does it happen? June 2021

When is the deadline for entries? February 14, 2121

How do I enter to win? To enter the contest, students are asked to write short stories describing how local electric co-ops are connecting their communities with power, information, and opportunities. If you know a student or teacher who might like to participate, share this information with him or her. Teachers are encouraged to present the creative essay contest to their students as part of their classroom assignments.

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