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Is PrePay Right for You?

Tamara Gwyn has been employed by MTEMC since 2011 and is currently a Member Support Coordinator in our Murfreesboro office. She is happy to be able to offer the customized billing option, PrePay, and says, “It’s a reliable option that members enjoy.” Tamara has noticed that many people don’t understand this form of bill payment simply because they don’t know how it works. That’s why she’s here to help.

Pay on a Schedule That Works for You Using PrePay

At our core, MTEMC is here to serve you, our members. PrePay is one of our billing options that builds on that core by allowing you to add money to your account before you consume energy. We’ll calculate your usage each day and deduct your consumption from your account’s balance. This option is great for those who want to pay for their electricity as they go or want to establish a payment option to reduce their outstanding balance.

We’re Always There For You, Now With Extended Hours

Everyone here is focused on finding ways to constantly improve member services. Which is exactly why we’re offering extended business hours starting March 11. You will have an extra hour every day for your convenience, to ask questions, pay bills, express concerns or just visit with us to learn more about energy efficiency. Plus, the extended hours will also be available at the drive-through.

The Power of Excellent Member Services - Finding Ways to help for 31 years

When Trina Martin was a little girl, she helped out her dad in his appliance store. She often became annoyed at her dad when he rather casually allowed some destitute customers to get behind on their bills. Then, she realized something that has stuck with her through her 31 years with MTEMC: Her dad got more pleasure and satisfaction from putting a smile on people’s faces than he did from collecting bills.