Preparing for MTEMC’s 2019 Annual Meeting

MTEMC’s Annual Meeting, one of the many benefits a member of an electric cooperative can experience, is held each year in August. It offers members the opportunity to meet the Board of Directors, senior leadership and co-op employees. Members learn about the cooperative’s financial health and innovative programs, participate in the democratic process and hopefully have some fun along the way.

What to Do When You Encounter a Downed Powerline

May is recognized as National Electrical Safety Month, but the mission of ensuring our membership’s safety is a daily responsibility at MTEMC. Educating our members on the dangers associated with energized electrical lines and equipment is important. For example, do you know what to do when a power line is brought down due to a car accident? This can be a very dangerous situation, so please take a look.

Cannon County Rescue Squad Awarded SharingChange Grant

Cannon County Rescue Squad (CCRS) received great news recently. Our SharingChange program awarded them a grant for much-needed emergency equipment. CCRS’s primary mission is to deliver rescue services to the citizens of Cannon County. Their secondary mission is to provide disaster relief and support operations for mutual partners in emergency services in Cannon, surrounding counties and throughout the great State of Tennessee.

Youth Leadership Summit

Jay Sanders, community relations coordinator just came back from the Youth Leadership Summit, March 3 – 6. He explains, “It’s a yearly event we sponsor that allows two deserving students from 20 area high schools to take a hands-on look at state government, learn networking and leadership skills and develop a better understanding of their local electric cooperatives.” Part of the trip also includes meaningful interaction with student leaders from other parts of the state.

Take time to be safe around electricity

In the position I am honored to serve, few things weigh on my mind as heavily as safety – safety for our members and for our employees. Electricity is a necessity we’re privileged to provide you…but it can be life changing in more ways than one.

May is National Electrical Safety Month and Middle Tennessee Electric takes seriously its commitment to home, workplace and public safety. The welfare of our members and employees always comes first.