We’re Always There For You, Now With Extended Hours

Everyone here is focused on finding ways to constantly improve member services. Which is exactly why we’re offering extended business hours starting March 11. You will have an extra hour every day for your convenience, to ask questions, pay bills, express concerns or just visit with us to learn more about energy efficiency. Plus, the extended hours will also be available at the drive-through.

On the Road for Children’s Safety

MTEMC has more than 12,000 miles of electric line in four counties, so we make it a priority to educate the communities we serve about power line safety, especially children. That’s why we use a high-voltage electrical safety demonstration table at local schools and community events. We believe children, especially, need to learn about electric safety.

Turn Down Your Thermostat and Turn Down Costs

This winter, the #1 thing to help with savings is lowering your thermostat. High heating bills can put a chill on your winter fun, but there’s an easy, comfortable way to get around this. The first step puts significant savings right at your fingertips. Just use that finger to turn your thermostat down to 68 degrees, a setting research shows is comfortable for most people while offering the greatest cost savings.