The Power of Excellent Member Services - Finding Ways to help for 31 years


When Trina Martin was a little girl, she helped out her dad in his appliance store. She often became annoyed at her dad when he rather casually allowed some destitute customers to get behind on their bills. Then, she realized something that has stuck with her through her 31 years with MTEMC: Her dad got more pleasure and satisfaction from putting a smile on people’s faces than he did from collecting bills.

Trina Martin, Member Services Manager

It’s that exact attitude she brought with her when she became a Member Services Manager. She treats our members like she’d like to be treated, with respect and a truly caring demeanor, even when (maybe especially when) a member finds themselves in a rough patch financially. She likes to say, “We’re not here to judge…we’re here to help.”

When a member needs an extension on their due date or a tailored payment plan, our Member Services is there for them. As you may know, this is just one of the benefits of membership.

We offer several payment plans to make life more convenient. It all started in the year 2000 when we started accepting bill payments over the phone because, prior to that, it was only cash and checks. Then, in 2010, with the rise of online devices, many new options were introduced, including after-hours payments. In 2017, the myMTEMC mobile app and web portal was added, again offering new and convenient options, including the ability to pay bills via your smartphone.

When asked what members should do when they have billing issues, including difficulty making payment, Trina says, “The best thing to do is call, because we don’t know that there’s a problem if you don’t inform us. And, chances are, we can work with you.”

Finally, we always have an eye out for the future. “We are trying to be innovative in how we serve our members,” says Trina. “Who knows where this will take us in the future?” One thing is for sure, though, her father indirectly affected tens of thousands of MTEMC members through the lessons he taught her.

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