Outage Restoration is a Team Effort


Tony Trice, our Operations Supervisor, recently sat down to discuss what it takes for a line crew to restore an outage caused by a broken pole. He says, “When replacing a broken pole, the most important thing is safety – both for the members and employees.”

Tony Trice, Operations Supervisor

To illustrate, he describes the procedure used to replace a broken pole during the middle of the night.

When a pole breaks causing outages, our Systems Control is alerted through our advanced metering infrastructure or by member communication via phone or app. While restoring as many members as possible remotely, the nearest on-call lineman is sent to assess the damage. Once the assessment is complete, additional crews are called to pick up the right equipment and gear from their local office to restore the outage. When crews arrive at the outage, they begin the process by establishing a safe work zone before removing the old pole and setting the new one. As a reminder, drivers should move over for all utility and first responders when driving. After the work is complete, Systems Control is notified to reenergize the lines and restore power.

“Every outage is unique, and every broken pole presents its own set of challenges. We have guidelines and safety procedures that our linemen follow, but replacing a pole is as much an art as it is a science.”

One broken pole could result in hours of repair, but members should know that our operations team wants to restore any outage as quickly as possible to limit the inconvenience to our members.

Tony concluded, “Our goal is to restore power as safely and quickly as possible. We want our linemen to get back home to their families safe and sound every time they’re called out.”



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