MTEMC storm report to members on March 21

MTEMC storm report to members on March 21

Strong storms rocked the Middle Tennessee Electric service territory yesterday evening causing numerous power outages and broken poles. In all, more than 8,500 members were without power at various times during the evening, but line crews from the cooperative worked hard to restore power as soon as it was safe to do so. 

In total, there were 10 broken poles, four in Rutherford County, five in Cannon County and one in Williamson County. 

Here is a by county breakdown of MTEMC's outages: 

Williamson County: 
Total Number of Members Affected: 125 
Total Number of Outages: 12 
Causes: Weather, trees 
Synopsis: Williamson County members experienced primarily weather related outages including a broke pole and trees coming in contact with lines. 

Rutherford County: 
Total Number of Members Affected: 6,142 
Total Number of Outages: 46 
Causes: Weather, trees 
Synopsis: Rutherford County had a number of broke poles, three of which were in the Barfield Road area. Crews worked into the night to restore power to all members who were out, and successfully replaced all of the broken poles. 

Cannon County: 
Total Number of Members Affected: 2,235 
Total Number of Outages: 22 
Causes: Weather, trees 
Synopsis: Cannon County members reported numerous broken poles and trees on, and in contact with, lines. 

Wilson County: 
Total Number of Members Affected: 8 
Total Number of Outages: 5 
Causes: Weather 
Synopsis: Wilson County members saw the least amount of impact from the storms. The weather was the main cause of the small outages, and after crews restored power to those out, they were able to lend assistance to the Cannon County crews. 

"When conditions are at their worst, our crews are at their best," said Chris Jones, MTEMC president/CEO. 
"I am proud of the work our line crews, engineers, systems control operators and contract crews did to restore power to those members who were out after this storm." 

Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation is a member-owned, not-for-profit electric cooperative providing electricity to more than 215,000 residential and business members in Williamson, Wilson, Rutherford and Cannon counties. 

For more information, please contact Middle Tennessee Electric's Vice President of Communications & Member Service Robert White at 615-494-1058.

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