A message from President and CEO, Chris Jones


Some of the most significant storm damage to strike our service area in recent years left a number of power outages in its wake last night. While the approximately 7,000 outages represented a small percentage of our cooperative’s 231,000 members, a few areas were hit so hard that restoration efforts are still underway. As of 9 a.m., approximately 550 members remain without power. While crews will continue to work hard until power is completely restored, estimated times of restoration are difficult, particularly with the scattered nature of the remaining outages.


Hardest hit was an area in southern Williamson County from Thompson’s Station down to Spring Hill. We are working with the National Weather Service to estimate the speed of winds that slammed this area. A clear example of the storm’s power was bent and snapped metal poles in Thompson’s Station…something we very rarely see. Some other areas were also hit hard, including Smyrna and northwestern Rutherford County and western and northeastern Williamson County.

We appreciate your patience and your care and concern for my teammates who have been working in difficult conditions. I’ve seen a number of your comments in appreciation of their work through the night. They will continue to work very hard, while being safe, to restore your service. I am proud of them, and I am appreciative of your membership.

At your service,

Chris Jones, President/CEO


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