Home Energy Audit - a Powerful Way to Save Money


As your trusted energy advisor, MTEMC is always offering tips and advice on how to get the most out of your electricity while also saving some money with home energy audits. Out of our professional energy service coordinators, Don Shoults, Lynn Borum, Phillip Price and Tim Suddoth, have more than 120 years of combined experience. Energy advisor Lynn Borum, says, “Most people measure their jobs by what they make, we measure ours by what we save.”

Energy Service Coordinators from left:
Tim Suddoth, Phillip Price, Don Shoults and Lynn Borum

Energy audits are available to all MTEMC members and can be requested by visiting MTEMC.com/eScore. As your trusted energy advisor, we aim to make your home more comfortable and energy efficient. We can save you money from making sure the ductwork in your home is not damaged, to checking your windows to ensure they are properly sealed and we can even do diagnostic work on your HVAC unit. Energy advisor Don Shoults says, “Our mission is to serve our members, and they can expect us to do our best to help them with energy savings. We can help them make decisions on appliances and insulation. We also offer other valuable home advice.”

Shoults recently did a home energy audit and found ways to save the homeowner about $250 a year, especially during peak energy seasons. Energy audits show homeowners ways to save and include an eScore evaluation, which ranks the home from one to 10 (10 being the most energy efficient). MTEMC energy service coordinators work closely with TVA on the eScore program, which encourages energy efficiency and saves members money.

MTEMC energy service coordinators are just one of the reasons you can count on us as your trusted energy advisor. There are other valuable tools to help you lower your bills and troubleshoot issues. The myMTEMC mobile app and MTEMC.com are examples of these tools that offer efficiency tips and show usage information to empower members to use less. Shoults says “We are MTEMC members, too, so we treat our customers exactly how we’d like to be treated.”

Why not get in touch today and let MTEMC perform a precision, multi-point analysis for just $25? Your heating/air system will appreciate it. As will your bank account.

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