Fiber Links and Helps Strengthen Communities


Utility poles and electric lines, member ownership and a non-profit business model. This is how Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC) got started 83 years ago. Today, we follow the same principles our founders established to provide safe, reliable and affordable electricity for homes, farms, businesses and industries.

Along the way, we identified other services our members wanted and needed. Whenever possible, we tried to meet their demands, especially if our efforts could improve the quality of life for the families and communities we serve.

This is why MTEMC last year announced a partnership with United Communications aimed at expanding broadband access in underserved areas. This partnership is also about equipping
our electrical infrastructure to use new fiber-optic technologies to deliver a more dynamic and resilient grid along with improved reliability and lower costs through enhanced system monitoring, operations and member services.

Together, we bring several strengths to this joint effort. United provides decades of fiber- and fixed wireless broadband service knowledge and extensive experience in implementing fiber-optic technology. MTEMC continues its commitment to provide quality services to our members by ensuring our infrastructure uses the latest technology.

These fiber-based initiatives will yield huge impacts, assuring that MTEMC and our service
areas will not lag in high-tech opportunities or the improved quality of life brought about by broadband availability.

Rollout of this fiber-optics infrastructure across the system will be a multi-year process, but we believe this partnership will strengthen our communities for years to come - the installed  fiber-optics infrastructure can serve current and future electrical grid needs, while also
giving us the ability to make broadband access more widely available to underserved communities in our service area.

With rapid advances in technology affecting communications and connectivity, no one can
predict in the next 10-20 years what innovations will exist to help maintain reliable and affordable electric service. However, we’re confident that a fiber-optic infrastructure is the best way to meet today’s ongoing necessity for safe, reliable and affordable electrical service, and our future goals.

For more information about how you can help bring broadband to your area, go to
MTEMC to express interest in future broadband service. The multi-year rollout will use this input as a part of the process to determine future builds, so encourage your neighbors to register too.
We look forward to what the future will bring, and the options we’ll continue to offer to help
improve the quality of life of our members.

For more news and information about your cooperative, visit Tennessee Magazine.

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