Energy Efficiency Resolutions to Keep in 2019


Many of us resolve every January to make changes aimed at improving our lives. But we all know, making resolutions is easier than keeping them. How often have we looked at our winter electric bills and resolved to make our homes more energy efficient?

I’d like to share with Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC) members three energy efficiency resolutions that, if adopted, can have positive impacts, no matter the season of the year.

Chris Jones, President MTEMC
Chris Jones 
Middle Tennessee Electric
Membership Corporation

Resolve to Audit – Your home is your castle. It should be safe, secure, comfortable and affordable. You should resolve to have an energy audit in 2019 to identify areas where your home wastes energy, causing higher electricity use and larger power bills during periods of extreme cold or heat.

MTEMC energy service coordinators can help identify the problems and recommend corrective measures, including an eScore evaluation to rank the energy efficiency of your home and aid in laying out a plan for improvement.

In many cases, the “fixes” are simple and cheap but have considerable bang for the buck. Caulking and weather sealing don’t cost much but can pay for themselves in a short period of time. Ditto for wrapping water heaters with insulation if the units are in unheated garages or attics.

Resolve to Change – Be sure to change those heating/ cooling system filters every month. Dirty filters impede air flow. Your system must work harder, consuming more electricity. Clean filters also trap more dust and dirt, helping maintain a healthier indoor environment.

Changing energy consumption habits can make a difference in the size of your electric bill too. Try adjusting the HVAC system thermostat a few degrees lower during cold weather periods and a degree or two higher during peak air-conditioning months. You’ll save money without sacrificing comfort. The same goes for your electric water heater. Try a lower water temperature setting.

Resolve to Know –Knowing how, when and where electricity is used in your home is an important first step toward energy efficiency. Today, MTEMC members have more information and helpful programs at their fingertips than ever before, including the myMTEMC mobile app and our website, These resources can put you in control of your power bill by information.

In the meantime, if frigid temperatures cause power bills that strain your household budget this winter, MTEMC can help ease the pressure with one of our payment programs to fit your unique needs. We offer programs like Pick A Due Date, PrePay, and budget billing.

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