Service Agreement

Service Agreement


Any member of Middle Tennessee Electric Membership Corporation (MTEMC) is bound by and agrees to the terms and conditions as set forth in MTEMC’s Bylaws and its Schedule of Rules and Regulations, both of which may be found on MTEMC’s website.  The member agrees pay for electric service as measured by MTEMC's metering devices in accordance with the applicable rates and charges as specified in MTEMC's rate schedule. The member agrees to allow right of access to MTEMC's agent on the member's premises at all reasonable times and for necessary purposes. Member assumes responsibility of service beginning from connection date or until MTEMC is properly notified of cancellation of service. Member understands all billings rendered by MTEMC shall be due and payable as per the bill. Failure to receive a bill does not release member from payment obligations. The member shall pay all collections expenses, attorney fees and court costs if payment is delinquent due to fraud, default, or failure to perform the member’s obligations. The member’s obligations shall apply to the original address of the member and to all future addresses of the member.



MTEMC's Bylaws are policies set forth from the cooperative's origin and are annually reviewed by the Board of Directors. Changes to the Bylaws must be approved through a vote of the membership at the Annual Meeting. The Bylaws outline, for example, membership requirements, Board of Directors credentials and Annual Meeting rules of order.

MTEMC Bylaws

MTEMC's Rules and Regulations set forth matters of business practice for the cooperative. They are reviewed as needed by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors and the Tennessee Valley Authority approve changes. The Board and TVA are the cooperative's two regulatory authorities.

MTEMC Rules & Regulations