Rate Structure for Business and Industry

Rate Structure for Business and Industry


Effective April 2017

LESS THAN 50 kW and < 15,000 kWh GSA1 - 40

Basic Service$20.35
Consumption - All kWh**$0.09859

**Three-phase service is subject to special minimum bill provisions should the actual bill calculation be less.

51–1000 kW or > 15,000 kWh GSA2 - 50

Basic Service$54.00
First 50 kW$0.00
Excess Over 50 kW$12.54
Consumption - First 15,000 kWh$0.10498
Consumption - Additional kWh$0.06058



1001-5000kWGSA3 (1001-2500) - 54
GSA3 (2501-5000) - 55

Basic Service$200.00
First 1,000 kW$11.62
Excess Over 1,000 kW**$11.58
Consumption - All kWh$0.06419

**Plus an additional $11.58 per kW, if any, of the amount by which the customer's billing demand exceeds the higher of 2,500 kW or its contract demand.

General Power Customers Greater Than 5,000 kW

Additional rates and contract provisions apply to customers in this category. See your Key Accounts Coordinator for details.

Outdoor Lighting - Schedule LS

Basic Service  
Street LightingS-72Investment + $5.50
Athletic FieldsF-73$5.50
Traffic SignalsT-74$5.50
Consumption - All kWh $0.06306


Security Light Rates A-78

175 Watt Mercury Vapor (Existing Lights Only)70 kWh$6.85
400 Watt Mercury Vapor (Existing Lights Only)155 kWh$13.49
100 Watt High Pressure Sodium (Existing Lights Only)42 kWh$7.65
250 Watt High Pressure Sodium (Existing Lights Only)105 kWh$12.62
250 Watt High Pressure Sodium Directional (Existing Lights Only)105 kWh$13.62
75 Watt LED27 kWh$7.12
100 Watt LED (Single Directional)37 kWh$10.64
100 Watt LED (Double Directional)73 kWh$18.73